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The 4-H Tradition

At the turn of the 20th century, in response to the industrial revolution, a need developed in rural communities to engage local youth in agricultural vocations. In 1902 an Ohio high school principle, A.B. Graham, established local out of school youth clubs to meet this need. These clubs had a formal structure with meetings, elected officers, projects, and record keeping.  This simple yet pragmatic idea is considered the birth of 4-H.  By 1914, 4-H clubs, with uniform reporting practices, existed in nearly every state in America.  By this time the group had also adopted their emblematic four leaf clover which has an H on each leaf representing head, heart, hands, and health.  The 4-H tradition is still thriving today as youth around the nation continue to learn by doing.  Come see our local 4-H members as they keep the tradition alive by showing their hard work and personal growth through their livestock and indoor displays.


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